Bye Bye Billy

Alison gets Keith's car stolen, causing collateral damage for Amanda and Billy (predictable) and Jo and Jake (twist!).

Billy blows off a play with Alison to have dinner with Amanda and her father on such short notice that Alison can’t find anyone else to take the ticket, and since Betsy’s in the shop again, Keith lends her his vintage Mustang. Walking alone to a desirable car naturally ends with Alison getting robbed at gunpoint. Billy is full of self-recrimination for not having been there for Alison after her terrifying experience; Amanda would probably be irritated by his preoccupation even if her father hadn’t just told her that Billy isn’t the right man for her. While Alison continues having flashbacks to the robbery, Keith is there, and before long has toppled all the boundaries Alison had set up. Jo thinks Alison doesn’t need the presence of a man to make her feel safe so much as she needs a handgun — like the one Jo herself acquired after Charles came to town — but Alison is grossed out by her visit to the gun range, and Jake is also disturbed to learn that he’s unknowingly been sleeping in the same dwelling as an unsecured firearm. Billy’s attempts to mend his relationship with Alison are unsuccessful, pushing him toward Amanda in a way Alison apparently did not anticipate. Meanwhile, far in the background, Terrence deputizes Rhonda to project-manage the decorator he’s just hired, not knowing that Rhonda and said decorator have a history. We take you through it all in our podcast on “Bye Bye Billy”!