Carpe Diem

Alison's heart is so full of love for Billy that she can no longer stand to keep Michael's terrible secret from Jane. But will Jane believe it?

Alison and Billy may have both felt extremely awkward after their first kiss, but after each suffers a night of restless sleep, they agree that what they’re mostly feeling now is horny. Billy’s attempt at romance — a jazz concert in the park (never the play, guys) — is ruined by Alison’s ongoing guilt over keeping the secret of Michael’s affair from Jane; when Billy suggests that she’s using said secret as a pretext to delay sex with Billy, she delays sex with Billy. But she’s willing to try another date the following night, which is why it’s too bad that Lucy extends to her a last-minute invitation to an executive retreat in Palm Springs, so that she and Amanda can try to work on their relationship outside the office. On her way out of town, she runs into Jane — returning early from her second-anniversary dinner with Michael, because he contrived to have Kimberly beep him during dessert so he could leave and spend the night fucking her instead — and finally spills what she knows. Jane doesn’t want to believe it, and when she directly confronts Michael, she makes him think she buys his explanation for what Alison thought she saw, but while Michael may have a sociopath’s confidence, he may have underestimated Jane’s street smarts. Jo has fallen in with a fast crowd of fashion models Jake doesn’t approve of — they SMOKE!!! — but is he troubled by the way Jo changes her manner when she’s around them, or threatened by her career as it’s starting to take off? We discuss it all in our podcast on “Carpe Diem”!