Catch Her In The Lie

You thought Craig and Nick were bad separately? Now they're teaming up!

The reconciliation with Peter that Amanda had hoped for is not going to happen quite yet: partly due to Peter’s having run into a shirtless Craig at Amanda’s, and (not that he’s telling Amanda this) partly because Peter and Taylor have FINALLY had sex. Kyle has to take an emergency trip back to Boston, but asks Nick to keep an eye on Taylor in Kyle’s absence, which hateful Nick is only too happy to do — and it’ll be pretty easy since they’re both working at the restaurant and Nick is moving into Sydney’s old place, right next door to the McBrides! Also getting embroiled with the McBrides: Carter, who decides that just giving up his software company wasn’t enough of a change, and that he also needs to cosplay as a member of the working class by getting a job as a waiter at Kyle’s — where Craig happens to catch Nick giving Taylor and Peter a dirty look and enlisting him on the spot to spy for Craig, as part of Craig’s ongoing campaign to date Amanda. Jake takes a break from acting out about his breakup with Alison to remember he has a child already and go visit him, and his (re-cast) mother, in northern California. And while Megan continues whining about how much she misses Michael’s penis, Kimberly learns that…it might be magic? It’s true: our podcast on “Catch Her In The Lie” is here!