Cold Turkey

As Jake grows increasingly suspicious about Mr. Woodward's business dealings, so do the Feds.

An offhand conversation with another mechanic about how much their boss can reasonably charge for his reproduction Avantis leads Jake to do a little snooping in Mr. Woodward’s desk, and what do you know: the guy’s been fraudulently certifying that they’re authentic originals! Jake isn’t really sure what to do with this information (other than hint around to Amanda that her dad may be involved in something shady, maybe, possibly), but getting called in to talk to a couple of FBI agents will probably sharpen his focus somewhat. Having caught Steve sending Alison a rather polite email about missing her at the ranch, Billy decides to press his luck and demand that Alison give up the MICROCOMP account. She…obviously does not, but it does nothing to reduce the tension between them when she has to travel to San Francisco, on Thanksgiving Day, to deal with a snafu in the lead-up to a big MICROCOMP press conference. Billy tells her that if she goes, he’s not going to be there when she gets back, and she’s like, “BYE!” But then she has to acknowledge that Billy sort of has a point about all the lines Steve is blurring when she gets to San Francisco and Steve surprises her by showing up there, too. As usual, however, she doesn’t really mind. Sydney tries to tell Lauren, and Ellen, and herself that she’s better than sex work, but when her attempts to make holiday peace with Jane fall flat, she finds herself convinced that, actually, it might be nice to be welcomed into Lauren’s stable after all. And Michael barely has a chance to rejoice in the news that Matt doctored his blood alcohol test results before he wheels in to Kimberly’s room to find himself face to face with his would-be mother-in-law — who’s heard all about him, and isn’t a fan. Dish yourself up a huge helping of our podcast on “Cold Turkey”!