Collision Course

Michael convinces Kimberly to take him back, but maybe should have stopped celebrating his victory after just ONE bottle of champagne.

Apparently sex with Michael is better than any of us could possibly imagine, because despite EVERYTHING, he convinces Kimberly, over a champagne-soaked dinner, to give him another chance. He’s so sure they’re completely back on track that he even proposes, and though she’s a little grossed out by his pushing his luck so far, she does still definitely want to bone, and they’re on their way back to the beach house to do that when he fishes the ring out again and re-proposes and this time she says yes…just in time for his drunk, distracted ass to drive them straight into a guardrail and flip the car off a bridge. In the aftermath, Kimberly never regains consciousness, and requires surgery for massive head injuries. Michael gets off relatively easy with back injuries and possible paralysis…but since he knows he was definitely driving over the legal limit, he guilts Matt into using his access to the database to alter his record — kind of a lot, actually! Alison has managed to conceal her crush on Steve from Billy, though when Jo ices her out in the courtyard, Alison has no compunction telling Jane everything, including that they kissed, cloddishly not considering that maybe Jane, recent cheating victim, isn’t going to be on her side with this conundrum. Alison doesn’t think her computer, of all things, is going to give her away, but Billy is waiting for her at her desk when she gets a moderately flirty e-mail from Steve. Whoops! And at Shooters, Sydney’s new friend Ellen (that’s baby Gina Gershon) is eager to introduce Sydney to the kinds of “friends” who might give her the gift of a real Rolex; Sydney is thrilled to hobnob with Hollywood A-listers and totally incurious as to what interest they might have in her barely-legal, just-off-the-turnip-truck vibe! Fasten your seatbelt for our podcast on “Collision Course”!