Coop De Grace

Amber unwittingly helps Coop pull off his best anti-Michael scheme yet.

Once again, the medical practice is a flashpoint for drama. Peter can plainly tell that Lexi’s father Thomas has no respect for him, because Thomas is not even pretending to hide it. (It’s not like we can really say Thomas is WRONG to think Peter is bad news for his daughter, but since he much prefers Coop for her, it’s not like his judgment is perfect.) Coop is keeping a close eye on Michael and Amber, noting their cohabitation and making sure Amber gets invited to a big reception the practice is throwing to impress a bunch of “hospital bigwigs.” Once there, Coop doesn’t let her champagne glass empty, and though the consequences are predictable, we must ALSO say that Coop had nothing to do with Amber showing up in what would be quite brief even as a nightgown, plus also braless; Michael did THAT to her/himself. Amanda’s recovery takes a sudden turn for the better, just in time for Taylor to track Nick down in Dallas, break into his apartment, talk up the jazz club, and get the full story of Christine the Marine. Dr. Mosley returns to tell Jennifer all about the dangerous moves Craig is making with GloveCo’s new heart valve; and the ad agency’s potential new client makes Billy and Sam run down a minor league baseball prospect who’s philosophically opposed to endorsements. However, WE can heartily endorse our podcast on “Coop De Grace”!