Crazy Love

Relationships are imploding all over and around art auction caper?

The holidays have come again to Melrose Place, but they’re generally not going to be very happy. Peter agrees to Amanda’s request that he visit a therapist, but then gets angry and jealous when her professional obligations prevent her from participating in his treatment. Kimberly tries to help the Michael/Megan relationship along by sharing her plan to bequeath Michael a big life insurance windfall, but Megan is understandably upset that Kimberly intends to do it by faking her own accidental death. Matt starts to push back against Dan’s attempts to control him with his money. The end of Sam and Craig’s relationship has her up in arms about his refusal to return her courtyard painting, so Billy volunteers to help her get it back — just as Sydney admits that another piece of Sam’s work is up for auction at a charity event, and that Kyle’s actually been buying all the “Kirov” pieces at the restaurant but that Sam hasn’t seen any money for them because Kyle’s on a payment plan that hasn’t kicked in yet. Jane impulsively invites Sherry to spend the holidays with her, and Sherry impulsively accepts even though she finds Jane’s many questions about her own birth very painful to answer. And when the season brings up painful childhood memories for Alison of keeping up appearances amid her father’s abuse, Jake actually comes up with a pretty good solution for making new traditions for their family. We hope you go nuts for our podcast on “Crazy Love”!