Dead Men Don’t Shut Up

No man or woman is safe from Lexi's wiles.

You might think Lexi would decide she had enough on her plate dealing with Tony’s corpse while also making sure she didn’t lose the business he agreed to in his final moments. But, in fact, seeing Eve rapidly unraveling psychologically just convinces her to add a new scheme to her schedule: she can certainly take advantage of Eve’s instability and use it against Amanda! Mark L. Taylor manages to cash another Melrose Place check as Dr. Visconti gets involved. Terry’s feelings for Ryan continue to linger, such that she creates a seemingly awkward situation for Megan to walk in on and call off the engagement (again), but surely both McBros will close out the series deliriously happy with the blondes they were always destined to be with…right? Listen to us talk at length about all of this and more in our podcast on “Dead Men Don’t Shut Up”!