Dead Sisters Walking

Sydney tries and tries but ultimately fails to dissuade Jane from seeking revenge against Richard.

Obviously, Sydney knows her bargaining position is weak, but she really attempts many different arguments to convince Jane not to follow through on her whole Richard-killing plan. None of them works. A Hail Mary to get JAKE to talk to Jane and urge her not to make any “funky” decisions — not that she specifies what those might be — does bring Jake to the design studio just in time to see Jane trying to distract Richard from his (accurate) suspicions about her financial malfeasance by making out with him. So Jake’s out on Jane — and while you’d think that would just cause him to take Alison up on her advances, he’s just too good a pal and doesn’t want to betray Billy, who’s trying even harder to woo Alison back than Alison is trying to seduce Jake. What a mess! Speaking of which: Willowbridge. Amanda and Michael are swiftly apprehended breaking in, but it’s no big deal to Betsy, who simply locks both of them AND Peter in a boiler room and lets her staff know that all three of them are going to get lobotomies; see, Amanda and Michael aren’t friends of Kimberly and Peter but rather escaped mental patients who’ve made it all the way to this…other mental hospital to…? Look, it’s not a great cover story, which is why everyone from Nurse Benson to Dave start poking holes in it. But will Nurse Benson turn on Betsy in time to save everyone’s brains?! Matt recovers from meningitis only to be rather easily convinced that in order to keep up with his studies, he’s going to need to start taking prescription speed. And things are going pretty well for Jo and Dr. O’Malley until he has her over to his apartment for the very first time and abruptly announces that he thinks they should get married. Stroll right into our podcast on the DOUBLE-LENGTH Season 4 finale, “Dead Sisters Walking”!