Deja Vu, All Over Again

Michael's got a "kid sister," and she is a HANDFUL.

Sydney’s not thrilled that the grift she and Harry ran on D&D has resulted in actual injury for her. She is thrilled that he thinks they can take the agency for $5 million. Amanda’s not worried about the lawsuit since this is exactly why they have insurance, but whoops, it turns out their policy renewal required some exclusions: of course the rickety stairs to the Business Balcony were among them, and of course Craig never got around to fixing them. But it’s fine because he knows how to solve this problem: he’ll just seduce Sydney so she drops the suit! Hey, I have a great icebreaker about one thing they have in common: carelessness with their insurance policies. Amanda can’t concern herself too much with this, because she’s got Kyle to hang out with AS FRIENDS. Just friends on the dance floor, talking about their dreams! That’s a much more pleasant topic for her than a disastrous job interview she’s just conducted with one Jennifer Mancini — yes, Michael’s younger sister, who’s just shown up in L.A. to start a new life, but not in advertising. When Sam warns her father that the feds are on to him, he declines her suggestion that he turn himself in; instead, he sneaks out to a motel, Sam lies to Billy that he went to Chicago, and then easily gets $500 out of him to pass on to Jim to finance his vague plans of fleeing the country. Matt and Denise are still wrangling over Chelsea, and Jake still has one very special ex: Colleen is in town to ask for his help with David, and to make things weird for Alison. If some of this sounds familiar, you may also hear US say so in our podcast on “Deja Vu, All Over Again”!