Devil In A Wet Dress

Billy tries to pretend he doesn't care about Brooke's death, but Brooke isn't buying it.

As we probably all assumed after the last episode, Brooke is not coming back from her fall into the pool. Billy does his best not to let his estranged wife’s sudden passing affect his life at all — with a funeral to plan two days after her death, why wouldn’t he still go to work and continue trying to get Alison to sleep with him? — but it’s not up to him: Brooke’s restless ghost simply will not leave him alone. Michael, having determined that Kimberly is the right woman for him, won’t take any of her many “no”s for an answer, and keeps pressing for them to resume a real relationship and not just keep having sex. Meanwhile, one of Michael’s other ex-wives, Jane, turns up the heat with Jake while also soliciting Alison’s advice on a pitch to a buyer. Jane then gets so smug about her success that Richard feels obliged to interfere with her deal. Matt is anxious about Alan’s new love interest Val (Jeri Ryan!), particularly since Alan’s producer has told Matt in so many words to quit being so gay around Alan in public. And Amanda, Bobby, Alycia, and Peter still aren’t sure how much their entanglements with one another are about romance or friendship and how much is pure gamesmanship. Slip into something comfortable (and dry) and join us for our podcast on “Devil In A Wet Dress”!