Devil With The G-String On

Kimberly may not have returned to Los Angeles to resume her happy life with Michael. In fact, she may have another plan that is, secretly, exactly the opposite!

Kimberly is basically the perfect fiancée to Michael — not just reviewing the paperwork from Jane’s company and determining that it’s sketchy as hell, but also volunteering to go over there and yell at Jane about it; screening an appendectomy patient and getting all the necessary information into his chart before surgery. So then…why in the world would Kimberly conceal that very patient’s drug allergy such that it would lead Michael to make a potentially dangerous error in his treatment? Well, probably the same reason that Dr. Levin, who suspects that she did, pretends not to know and proceed with an investigation into Michael’s actions that doesn’t implicate Kimberly at all: they each have an axe to grind against him. Jo and her pregnancy turn out to be fine after Sarah’s boyfriend caused her to fall down the stairs, but other kinds of trouble arise: Amanda is jealous of all the time Jake is spending with Jo (and doesn’t care that, as he reminds her, Jo doesn’t have anyone else to do it), and Jake is confused by the feelings of tenderness Jo’s vulnerable state has revived in him. At the same time, after Amanda firmly informs Chas that the kissing they did in the last episode is not going to escalate, he goes around her to Alison to spin a tale of aggravated sexual harassment. She swears Billy to secrecy before telling him all the gossip, and he manages not to spill — not while he’s sober, anyway! Sydney makes her début at The Body Stocking, performing under the name Jungle Jane, but she may regret having moved so quickly from the lunch shift to prime time when hers happens to be the strip club Michael chooses for Billy’s bachelor party. Feel free to dress casual for our podcast on “Devil With The G-String On”!