Dial M For Melrose

Jack has a bad fall, but no one's that upset about it.

We pick back up where we left off with the last episode: Amanda and Jack, tussling at his house. In the process, Jack ends up flying off a third-story balcony onto the hard floor of the foyer, and since Amanda doesn’t think she can call the authorities, she enlists Peter to help her deal with the situation. His scheme to get Jack admitted to the hospital with a minimum of questions from other personnel seems to work, until Michael sees Peter and Amanda leaving Jack’s room together and inserts himself. At the same time, Fake Henry keeps pestering Kimberly, while Kimberly keeps pestering Dr. Joyce Brothers on her apparently 24-hour-a-day radio show. Jake can’t stop being jealous of the time Jo is spending with Richard, nor Jo of Shelly still hanging around. Hayley and Alison make their relationship official by telling Brooke and Billy they’re in love — but there’s yet another level to which Hayley wants to take it. Finally (…in every sense of the word), Matt and his mother bury his dad, leaving them both to ponder what may be next for them. Grab your phone and give a listen to our podcast on “Dial M For Melrose”!