Dr. Jekyll Saves His Hide

Michael's pretty sure Peter will do anything Amanda asks him to, including give Michael his job back. But what would induce Amanda to do such a favor for Michael?

Instead of trying to figure out what the post-medical phase of his career is going to be, Michael is determined to return to his residency at Wilshire Memorial. The only problem is that he still hasn’t figured out how to manipulate Peter — but he won’t need to, if he can just get Amanda to push Peter’s buttons on Michael’s behalf. Obviously Amanda isn’t interested in helping Michael out of pure altruism, so she makes him an offer: if she can get Peter to rehire him, Michael will give her his share of Jane’s company. There’s a lot more blah blah business blah about this, but suffice it to say that a quasi-villain like Amanda should be a lot cannier about monologuing her process. Meanwhile, Jake and Sydney aren’t aligned on how to proceed after sleeping together: he’s really into her, and she’s really worried about sucking him into the maelstrom that is her life. Susan and Alison try to start over in a spirit of honesty, with Susan dating Billy out in the open and Alison being okay with that. As anyone could have guessed, Alison is not actually emotionally prepared to do that, and drinking to dull her feelings about it doesn’t help. Matt runs into Jeffrey by chance and finds out why he’s been back in Los Angeles for months without getting in touch…and it’s a rough one. And we finally meet the lawyer who’s been taking all of Jo’s money: John Saxon! He was in Enter The Dragon, so he might need a larger-than-average payday so he can get knee surgery or something. We’ve got a prescription for what ails you: our podcast on “Dr. Jekyll Saves His Hide”!