Drawing Henry

Peter involves Kimberly's mother in the puzzle of figuring out who Henry is.

Once Peter brings in a sketch artist to draw a portrait of Henry (fka Schmob) from Kimberly’s description, he is determined to find out who he is — a real person? a stand-in for someone else she knew? Kimberly can’t summon the memory, so he calls her mother, who is clearly stricken at the sound of his name, and comes to L.A. to tell Kimberly the whole sordid story. Elsewhere, Peter gets subpoenaed — along with Michael and Dr. Hobbs — to testify in Matt’s sexual discrimination case. (Once again, we must report, Matt does a poor job respecting lawyers’ function in the legal system, including outside courtrooms.) Jack lets Brooke know he’s in town, and that he’s going to need her to co-operate with him on reuniting with Amanda. She tries to keep everything to herself, but when Billy follows her to a meeting with Jack — assuming, reasonably, that she’s cheating on him — she actually tells him the truth, for once. At the same time, her father goes around her to Alison, hoping she will join him in breaking up Billy and Brooke. However, the more time she spends with Hayley, the less interested she seems in Billy. Richard leverages Jo’s job security to get her to counsel Jane to accept his proposal, which Jo finds around her already packed schedule of being jealous of the time Jake is spending with Shelly. Perhaps you’d like to draw a bath before enjoying our podcast on “Drawing Henry”!