Drawing The Line

Alison's patience with Keith's slow-motion car crash of a marriage is further tested when his wife comes to town.

Alison is so sure Keith is the right man for her — that a love she never dared to hope for is actually real — that she’s fighting with her friends and neighbors about the advisability of being with him. Her defiance starts to crumble, however, when he admits that Lily, his wife, has come to town from San Diego to implore him not to end their marriage; when Alison sneaks a look at his wallet and sees a photo of Keith and Lily in happier days (and in leis), her resolve to stay with him grows weaker still. But will Keith’s magic penis overcome her doubts again? Matt finds a lawyer willing to take his wrongful-termination case, but struggles to come up with the $5000 retainer she requires. No one he knows has that kind of money except his pretty homophobic dad, who might prefer that Matt just endure whatever indignities come with the “lifestyle” Matt has “chosen.” Rhonda finds someone to rent Sandy’s old room — Carrie, played by Rae Dawn Chong! — only to discover that sharing a household with a professional organizer involves a lot more fights about cookware cleanliness than she probably ever had with Carrie’s predecessor. We discuss “Drawing The Line” in our latest podcast!