Dreams Come True

Alison's dalliance with Keith only gets more complicated when she starts telling her friends and loved ones about his big secret.

Having decided at the end of the last episode that she is fine fooling around with a married man, Alison figures there’s no reason she shouldn’t let her friends, neighbors, and boss all about Keith’s situation, and is unpleasantly surprised when they don’t all agree with her that he’s great and so is their relationship. Affected by their judgment, she decides to ask Keith exactly what it means when he says his marriage is “dead,” and isn’t comforted when (a) he doesn’t really have an answer, and (b) the other person in that dead marriage phones in the middle of their argument. Alison has a lot to think about!!! Getting gay-bashed after bigots catch him in an extremely chaste hug is only the start of Matt’s ordeal: the uniformed cops at the hospital are brusque; the detective from the hate crimes unit makes him tell the whole story again; and when his boss hears what makes Matt’s assault a hate crime, he suddenly questions Matt’s therapeutic practices and whether Matt is the right fit for his job. And a chance encounter with a soap opera casting director changes Sandy’s life — and the complex — forever. Don’t miss our discussion of “Dreams Come True”!