Duet For One

Sydney becomes a sex worker trainee, while Michael worms his way back into his ex-wife's apartment.

Sydney was already wavering in her personal ethics when she decided to blow off Jane’s invitation and have Thanksgiving with Lauren and the rest of her escorts. But now the rent is due, so Sydney can’t screw around anymore. Or actually…that’s all she can do because she needs a fast buck and she knows she can’t possibly make it at Shooters or ask Jane for it. Her first client seems to have been chosen by Lauren as an easy on-ramp, and when Lauren follows up that date by handing off her credit card and telling Sydney to go on a shopping spree, Sydney gets a taste for life as one of Lauren’s girls. Then her next date busts out some very vanilla bondage implements; Sydney gets spooked and, once again, tests the limits of what this gig economy employment opportunity actually affords. While all this is going on, Michael finds out that (a) Kimberly’s mother has called the hospital to say Kimberly has died, and (b) he’s well enough to move to a rehab facility to start working on his mobility. Unfortunately, the nicer hospital won’t have a bed for him for another month, and the state hospital that can take him isn’t up to his standards. Nothing for it but for Michael to manipulate Jane into letting him come live with her again! Alison returns from San Francisco to find out that Billy was actually serious about moving out of their place into Jake’s. Their petty fights are as dumb as ever, and Jake is not available to be a sympathetic ear since, as he tells Billy, he has Palmer’s criminal activity to shield from Amanda. And when Dr. Russia finds out that her mother is having a health crisis back in Russia (where else), Dr. Russia races home to look after her, leaving Matt as the only available responsible adult to take care of Nikki in her absence. Take your seat while we play you our podcast on “Duet For One”!