Escape From L.A.

Jane's latest traumatic experience leads her to a major life decision.

Pretty much everyone crowds into the overstuffed A plot: Peter, with his regained doctorly confidence, attempts to reconcile with Amanda, but right now she’s laser-focused on getting Craig to tell her his big secret about Arthur. Sam and Billy are annoyingly happy — and since all the boning means Sam definitely can’t let her Pill prescription lapse, she happens to be at the drugstore when Alison is picking out a pregnancy test. Matt comes up with a story about how he got his black eye, which no one finds convincing — particularly not after Matt and Dan have dinner with Sam and Billy (?), and Dan can barely stop himself controlling Matt’s wine consumption. Sydney grows increasingly frustrated by Carter’s apparent unwillingness to spend any time with her outside of his house and away from his “online conferences.” But the plotline’s biggest fireworks are for Jane, who gets robbed at gunpoint in the store and struggles to determine what the right path forward may be. Megan and Kimberly manage to convince Michael that they haven’t been collaborating, leading Michael to sign the divorce papers and go to Vegas with Megan. But back in L.A., Peter’s sniffing around Kimberly’s doctors, and soon calls with bad news. Escape into our podcast on “Escape From L.A.”!