Everybody Comes To Kyle’s

Doctors are in crisis (though one could argue that their significant others are doing even worse).

Peter confronts Lexi about the pills he found in her purse, which he went ahead and asked Coop about behind her back, and guess what: she feels betrayed! Fortunately, she’s easily distracted by the project of redecorating not just the condo, but the offices of the Mancini Glove Company, too. DΓ©cor is the least of Michael’s concerns: he’s busy trying to convince Megan that she’s extremely frail, and also that he was the one who kept a vigil during her coma, both of which require that he keep Coop far away from Megan. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s loose lips give Coop yet another front from which to attack Michael. Amanda continues trying to convince Kyle that she wasn’t dishonest with him about Eric (even though…lady, come on). But now that Taylor’s crept one step closer to reuniting with Kyle for more than a twenty-minute stand, she’s got a new project: convincing Kyle to let Amanda sell her share in the jazz club. Amanda’s got different hassles at the office, what with Sam and Billy taking off for their honeymoon, so it’s a good thing Connie’s around to deliver Sam’s storyboards (having “touched them up” a little herself first), schmooze her way into a temp job, and talk Amanda into sending Sam on a pitch meeting to Seattle. What’s going on with Connie, and are things really on the rocks for her and Charlie? Don’t go anywhere: we’ve made you a new podcast on “Everybody Comes To Kyle’s”!