Farewell, Mike’s Concubine

Peter is just one of the doctors acting VERY shady this week.

Peter’s got a lot on his mind this week: Michael’s confidently claiming that he’s about to be Wilshire Memorial’s next Chief of Staff; Amanda’s found out about the time he’s secretly been spending with Taylor. And while he’s pretty sure he knows how to deal with Michael’s BS in a way that will benefit himself, his plan to tell Amanda about his secret ex-in-law falls apart when he…runs it by Taylor first? Somehow she’s the only person whose motivations he CAN’T see through. When Michael isn’t pursuing his career goals, he’s pursuing Megan harder than ever. Kimberly having ordered Megan to stop seeing Michael, Megan tries to ankle him for about ten seconds. Kimberly really is not getting what she paid for. Matt and Dr. Dan go on one date, after which Matt is ready to bone and settle down, in that order; Dan is very interested in Matt, but he wants to TAKE THINGS SLOW and MAKE SURE MATT DOESN’T GET HURT. What could his deal possibly be? Billy lets Amanda know what went down at D&D while she was on her business trip: two off-the-books board meetings. Amanda leverages Craig’s flop pitch to a $2 million airline client to get him to track down those meeting notes for her. Part of her plan to shore up the campaign: bringing Alison in for a three-day consulting gig and a fat paycheck. Craig takes his sweet time looking for those notes, because he’s got Samantha to woo, but eventually finds a lot more than he expected. Say hello to our podcast on “Farewell, Mike’s Concubine”!