Fire Power

Alison's screwing up at work for a variety of reasons, but all Amanda can see is the booze.

Still in denial about the connection between her drinking and her trauma, Alison is continuing to disappoint Amanda in her new position. Amanda is so disgusted by Alison’s numerous screw-ups that she takes a number of Alison’s new responsibilities off her plate, whereupon Billy decides it’s his job to step in, and — despite having promised Alison they wouldn’t talk about Keith anymore to anyone — tell Amanda the whole sordid story so that she’ll give Alison a break. This is not, in fact, what Alison wants, but the important thing is that it gives Billy and Amanda another pretext to get together and talk about her behind her back! Jake and Jo have not been communicating well enough at the shop, so when he goes on a bike shopping spree and cleans out the bank account, he doesn’t realize that money is for paying their tax installment, and he’s about to bounce a cheque to the IRS. Then an accident causes a catastrophic fire that turns the store into a total write-off, but because of the state of their books, the insurance company thinks it’s suspicious, and so does Jo. Encouraged by said fellow divorcee to take her mind off Michael by going on a no-pressure date, Jane asks Sam of the (then-)extramarital kiss to dinner. Sydney takes this goss straight to Michael, who threatens Sam, who asks Jane what’s going on, who still doesn’t appreciate the degree to which Sydney is telling Michael her business. Matt settles into his job at the hospital by helping a Russian doctor with her patient, not realizing that she might want to thank him by helping him off with his pants. We’ve got all the hot details on “Fire Power” in our latest podcast!