Flirting With Disaster

The Mancinis get messy as Michael makes a move (violent) on Jane's new guy, and then Sydney makes a move (horny) on Michael.

Jane is happy in her new relationship with Robert, but not so happy she declines to make good on her threat to Sydney: now that she knows Sydney’s continued spending time with Michael behind Jane’s back, Jane is kicking her out. Somehow, the same Amanda who asked Matt where he was going to get his next month’s rent from four minutes after he got laid off has no problem renting a unit to an unemployed college dropout, as long as she can find someone to co-sign her lease. It all goes to hell at a reception (we’ll get to it) where a drunk Michael tries to attack yet another Jane love interest much taller than himself. Sydney follows him home and delights him with the news about her new place and how much it bugs Jane to have her as a neighbor: he’d just love to co-sign that lease! Sydney then takes advantage of Kimberly’s trip out of town to drift into the bedroom and start undressing, and Michael is perfectly content to cheat with her on the woman with whom he formerly cheated on his wife. Amanda hands Alison a pile of material on Microcomp, a potential computer hardware client she’s pretty sure Alison won’t land because no one from any major agency on either coast has. Still, Alison journeys north to meet tech genius Steve McMillan (Parker Stevenson!), crap out as expected after her pitch, and then crash into his fence on her way out when Betsy’s brakes fail. Getting the chance to prattle on some more somehow convinces Steve that Alison is the right person to sell computer components to idiots, since she is one, and she lands the account! But is Steve interested in her ideas, or her boobies? Matt tells Dr. Katya that he has changed his mind about her green card scheme: he will marry her after all! The neighbors gather afterward for a reception at a Russian restaurant where the drinks are free; Amanda has a little too much Slivovitz, and this time when Jake walks her home, she is interested in fooling around. Jake knows better than to accept this offer when she’s not in a state to give consent, but still, another barrier between them has fallen. But a barrier may soon be erected between Matt and Dr. Katya: Roger Lacey from the INS is checking on their marriage, and he seems suspicious. No need for YOU to show your passport before enjoying our podcast on “Flirting With Disaster”!


  • 📅 Published May 18, 2020