Four Affairs And A Pregnancy

People mess around, and people face the effects of having BEEN messing around.

Coop is still boring us all with talk of his big job in Philadelphia, and while Megan is still strongly considering joining him if he gets it, there’s a problem: the head of the search committee is coming to town, and the restaurant where he wants to meet Coop and Megan happens to be in the hotel where Megan formerly worked. While this is weighing on Megan, her worst friend Jennifer pressures her to be more considerate of Michael, whose clinic is so deep in debt that he is openly considering burning it down for the insurance money. Coop’s ex, meanwhile, runs into Rory, and old friend from Cleveland; once she finds out he’s divorced, she immediately decides to set him up with Amanda, all the better to keep her away from Peter. Amanda really must be off her game, because she can’t immediately clock Rory as a bounder. Kyle goes to Dallas to try to get more clues about what Nick was doing in L.A., and he does when his ex-landlady reveals that Taylor came to see him. Taylor tells Michael she thinks she’s still concussed because she feels dizzy all the time; Michael’s not a great doctor, but he does know all the tests that one should order for someone in Taylor’s situation. The infidelity plot is MOSTLY just treading water, except that Jennifer tells Billy she loves him, and Jeff wants to introduce Sam to his whole family. We labored to bring you this podcast on “Four Affairs And A Pregnancy”!