Frames ‘R’ Us

Nick and Craig's evil scheme comes to fruition.

Taylor and Peter know that Nick is on to them since, you know, he told them — and he’s also toying with Taylor by suggesting that he actually MIGHT eventually show Kyle the photos. So Taylor and Peter hatch a scheme of their own, to disable Nick long enough for Peter to sneak into his apartment and steal the incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, Craig pouts his way into getting Amanda to rent him Alison’s old apartment (VERY old, at this point — has it been vacant this whole time?!), on the condition that he not use it to insinuate himself further into her life. And how could he, living RIGHT NEXT DOOR to her? Josh The Pimp continues his campaign against Megan and Michael’s…do we want to call it happiness, really? Soon, we find out he hasn’t returned to her life by random chance; he has a benefactor who busted him out of prison and who is really just using Josh The Pimp as a tool to break up Michael and Megan. Guess who it is? The answer won’t surprise you. Jake, Alison, Billy, Sam, and Sydney all get one scene to let us know they still exist — a courtesy not extended to Matt. We’re making vivid word pictures for you in our podcast on “Frames ‘R’ Us”!