Framing Of The Shrews

Kimberly is deranged with fury toward Michael...but also just deranged. Kind of seriously.

Just in case Amanda wasn’t fully convinced in the last episode that Michael was stalking her at home, Kimberly ALSO shows up in the parking garage at D&D to creep Amanda out by following her to her car, which Kimberly has also tagged with a gigantic “Die, Bitch” on the driver’s side. Amanda then gets on board, threatening Michael herself if he doesn’t leave her alone, not knowing that Kimberly intends to trash the beach house, claw up her own face, and entrap Michael for having “beaten” her. But…there’s more. Eek. While Alison gets her feet under her in Hong Kong, she’s also anxious to find out what Billy thought of the heartfelt letter she gave Brooke to deliver to him, which is why it’s too bad that (a) Brooke read and then shredded Alison’s declaration of love and (b) wrote another one that basically left it to Billy whether he wanted to stay in her life or not. Jake wakes up in the hospital after surgery entirely convinced that Jess was behind the shooting, and is unimpressed by both Jess’s and Jo’s insistence that Jess is innocent. Jess’s accomplice also shows up looking for the back half of his payment for services rendered, but since Jake is still alive, Jess feels he’s already paid plenty. Matt tells Paul about his wife Carol’s unsettling visit and lets him know he doesn’t date married men. But when Paul says he’s legally separated, Matt decides Paul’s a good bet after all, not knowing that Paul is actually playing mind games with both Matt and Carol. Best beware our sting in our podcast on “Framing Of The Shrews”!