Free Kimmy

Michael celebrates his birthday, but the surprises don't end with the party.

Remember when the Jo/Jane/Richard/Jake/Shelly situation was merely a love pentagon? WELL. Jane tries a power play on Jo upon her return, with Richard, to the studio after their Hawaii sojourn, leaving all of Jo’s photography gear in the lobby and informing her that she’s fired. Richard then informs Jane that in a 50/50 partnership, she can’t unilaterally fire anyone. After seeing Jo and Richard looking happy at the surprise birthday party Sydney has thrown for Michael, Jane hatches a new plan for getting Richard back on the hook: she’ll make him jealous by dating a professional guy! Maybe someone who’s already been in love with her once! Little does she know that Michael and Sydney are back to liking each other for real…not that Jane would probably care. And Matt starts working at Shooters just in time for Jake to need help logging into Shelly’s accounting system and show him how her setup is not as transparent as one might hope. Alison and Hayley hit up a Cancun resort he owns, and which is apparently in some kind of trouble, not that Hayley’s telling Alison anything, forcing her to rely on eavesdropping. Things go from bad to worse when they return to L.A. and, in the course of a new demand from Brooke regarding her future child’s inheritance, Hayley announces that he and Alison aren’t having kids — which is news to Alison. While Jack’s remains are dispatched to Miami — where we meet more of the Parezi family — Amanda pulls away from Peter. Desperate to keep her, Peter tries to pull away from Kimberly, who’s more determined than ever to secure her physical freedom. We hope you’re free to join us for our podcast on “Free Kimmy”!