From Here To Maternity

When Alison goes against doctor's orders, Jake resumes trying to control her.

Alison continues to go stir-crazy on cervix-related bed rest, so when Amanda announces that she’s taking over one of Alison’s big clients, Alison decides the money is too important, and sneaks into the office for a day to do the pitch herself. Of course this is the one day Jake ever comes home early from Shooters, and the return of Seething Incubator Cop Jake is unwelcome to say the least. Things are far different for Alison’s boss, however! Taylor has fully moved in with Peter, ignoring all hints and direct recommendations that she not plan to make it permanent. And the way people are sharing her personal business, she shouldn’t plan on going back to Kyle, either: Amanda tells him what she heard Jake heard Alison heard in the courtyard in the last episode, so Kyle confronts Taylor and finally gets her to admit the whole truth about why they live in Los Angeles now. But if divorce has turned Kyle into a twisted husk, Amanda is living her best life: buying a Jaguar, killing the game at work, and flirting with Kyle — maybe for real, and maybe just for sport. Michael decides that the way to make sure Megan doesn’t accidentally become a sex worker again is to give her a straight job, which is how she becomes the practice’s newest receptionist. It’s also how she happens to be present when Kimberly’s neurologist shows up to tell Michael that Kimberly is at risk of dying from an aneurysm if she won’t agree to surgery. Michael either doesn’t believe it or doesn’t care, but when Megan goes to see her, she can tell the danger to Kimberly’s life is very real, and does what all Burns-Mancini office staffers do: she steals from the practice (this time, to send a nurse to take care of Kimberly). While Sydney tries to handle her lawsuit — which is going to be hard, because she carelessly let her insurance lapse and can’t afford a lawyer — Samantha climbs the friendship ladder with another neighbor, pitching in on Matt’s efforts to locate his runaway niece. It’s a mother of a podcast on “From Here To Maternity”!