Full Metal Betsy

Will Peter get himself sprung from the mental hospital before Betsy has her revenge?!

Peter is down bad at Willowbridge, but not out: he decides to try to work his magic on the soft-hearted, lonely, apparently horny Nurse Benson (Priscilla Presley!), offering to “make [her] happy,” wink, if she’ll just help him leave the hospital — even just for one night! Meanwhile, on the outside, Amanda and (to a much lesser extent) Michael make pretty decent amateur sleuths, as Amanda tracks Kimberly’s ATM use to the vicinity of Willowbridge, and the two hit the road in search of their troublesome loved ones. But with Betsy in control of Peter’s care and the hospital, will it all be in vain?! Jane happens into a clothing boutique that’s about to close, and spontaneously decides she wants to take it over. But when she goes to Michael for some quick cash, trying to guilt him into giving it up, he tells her that actually her sister’s the one she should be trying to avenge herself on financially — you know, because of that whole thing where Sydney drugged and paralyzed her? (That was this season, btw, can you believe it?) Anyway, Sydney kind of tries to make things right, but just ends up walking in — and straight back out — on Jane cleaning her gun on the coffee table. Jake has apparently washed his hands of Jane after seeing her in Richard’s company, so he’s not paying attention to any of this; in fact, he’s paying a lot more attention to Alison, putatively trying to help his pal Billy reunite with her, but…maybe not really? No need to survive boot camp: jump right in to our podcast on “Full Metal Betsy”!