Going Places

A travel catastrophe brings new divorcés Kyle and Amanda closer together.

Megan snitches to Kyle about Jennifer’s new strip club job, from which he extricates her just before she’s about to accept a promotion from server to performer, setting her up in his apartment…alone, because it’s time for Amanda and Kyle to journey to the Dominican Republic to finalize their quickie divorces, but oh no! Amanda’s apparently terrible travel agent booked them in a resort that has had its one road washed out during the rainy season, so they’re going to have to stay in a VERY rustic beach shack arranged by a random cab driver Kyle meets at the airport! Roughing it eventually brings out the best in Amanda, and the two get closer commiserating, some more, about the end of their marriages. But can it last, given Kyle’s current house guest? Jennifer also witnesses Michael and Taylor scheming to trick Peter into thinking he has rage epilepsy and is physically abusing Taylor during blackouts; Taylor excitedly plants a big kiss on Michael to seal their evil deal, which Jennifer is delighted to report to Megan later. The cops release Billy and Sam, continuing to surveil them in a way that does not involve watching the back of their apartment, which Jim uses to enter and demand $10,000 and a ticket to Mexico, or else he’ll tell the cops they were in on his whole plan. And this is not the only threat in the episode: after Sydney comes clean to Craig about the plot she hatched with Harry, and how he tried to hold her to it after she wanted to stop, Craig rides to her rescue. And in the “about to leave the show” plot basement, Alison and Jake plan to move to Ojai and buy a restaurant; and Matt and Denise continue scrapping over Chelsea. Don’t go anywhere: we’ve brought you a podcast on “Going Places”!