Grand Delusions

Palmer tries to play out his nefarious schemes to their endgame. Will Jake fall victim to his plots?!

Amanda is none too pleased to have her fugitive dad couch-surfing with her, particularly given that she was once at risk of catching a charge when he went on the lam in the first place. (Brittany seems to be getting pretty sick of him too, for different reasons.) But when Palmer tells Amanda that he’s come back to town to tie up the last few loose ends that might still leave her in extra-legal danger — and then he’s going to turn himself in — she agrees to aid and abet him for just a couple of days. What could possibly go wrong? Jane, apparently convinced that Sydney’s two days in a mental institution cured whatever had ailed her before, is being extremely kind to her now that she’s out, but Sydney’s not trying to hear her advice that she stay away from Michael for all their sakes. Jane turns out to be right about Michael, though not for the reason she thinks. She also turns out not to have gotten any better at choosing partners, though the only one who knows that so far is Sydney, on the receiving end of Chris’s creepitude. At D&D, Amanda assigns Alison and Billy to the same bridal gown account so that they can both bring all their personal crap to the project and annoy everyone around them; though Alison also makes time to give Jo disastrously terrible advice about Reed’s parents’ custody case, which Jo, for some reason, follows. We hope you will follow your better instincts and join us for our podcast on “Grand Delusions”!