Great Sexpectations

Does Alison still want to have a baby with Jake? Or at all?

In another classic midseason Melrose Place two-parter, Amanda and Peter each notch a big career win through underhanded schemes against their enemies. OBVIOUSLY THESE TWO ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER, which is why it’s so frustrating that timing and circumstances (read: the writers) keep conspiring (read: contriving) to keep them from reconciling. For most of this episode, Taylor’s not even to blame, because she’s occupied with Kyle’s shitty friend Nick…who happens to have noticed how much Taylor lights up when Peter comes to Kyle’s and vaguely threatens to use this against her, since apparently Kyle hasn’t spent any of their bro time together complaining about it. When Sydney pushes Sam to the brink of insanity, Billy seizes his moment to invite Sam to move in with him instead, just in time for Alison and Jake to have a huge fight, requiring Alison to bunk with the newly-cohabitant. Sydney, meanwhile, is still working on driving a wedge between Carter and Walter. Megan would probably LOVE to drive a wedge between Michael and Kimberly, but Kimberly is just better at convincing Michael that she needs him to be her hospice nurse, and maybe more. We hope you have a Dickens of a time with our podcast on “Great Sexpectations”!