Holy Strokes

Billy finds out the secret of Brooke's pregnancy, and he's not thrilled about it.

It’s about to be New Year’s Eve, but not everyone’s in a celebratory mood — like Peter, who’s getting sued for malpractice by some patient we don’t know. Bobby invites Amanda and Peter to his house in Palm Springs, and though it seems like it’ll be awkward with just the three of them there, Amanda rooks Alison into going, too. It’s not like Alison has much going on back home: she starts out icing Billy out, some more. But then after Hayley’s lawyer Norman tells Brooke that she won’t inherit anything unless she has a baby, Brooke has to do some fancy footwork: first, tell Billy (outside the hospital) that she just found out she lost the baby; then tell him she wants to get pregnant again RIGHT AWAY. Billy thinks this plan is kind of creepy, though at least agreeing that Brooke is acting very weird rekindles Billy and Alison’s friendship. Then Billy happens to run into Brooke’s OB/GYN at the hospital and…well, things don’t go well for Brooke from there. It turns out that the medical issue Jane suffered after Sydney drugged her in the last episode was a stroke — a mild one, but she’s still partially paralyzed, and after Michael sees the tox report, he forms a theory as to what happened. Fortunately for Sydney, she has Kimberly to help counsel her on covering her tracks. Matt is also still here, and still dating Alan, but since this is a Matt storyline, you know trouble is on the way. No need to pray on it: we’ve brought you a new podcast on “Holy Strokes”!