Hook, Line And Hayley

Bobby's big reunion with Amanda doesn't go quite the way either he OR his dad would prefer.

Once Amanda recovers from the shock of (a) seeing Bobby after seven years and (b) seeing the gun in his waistband, she agrees to let him explain himself: he still truly loves her, does not intend to kill her, and would never hurt her in any way. She’s ready to say goodbye and part on friendly-ish terms…or so she says, but the single tear that falls down her cheek after her flashback to a night on the beach in Miami when he promised to get her out of marrying Jack tells the tale. Meanwhile, Peter is still trying to solidify his relationship with Amanda and isn’t thrilled that she’s spending any time with any other man, never mind one who’s Mob-adjacent. Out in international waters, Hayley finally explains why they had to take their whirlwind second honeymoon under cover of night: he’s trying to stay ahead of the SEC, and apparently thinks throwing all his incriminating papers in the ocean will solve all his problems because it’s 1995 and no one has ever heard of “copies.” He doesn’t assume Alison will want to join him as he starts a new life far from L.A., but she does. Fortunately for her, it’s not going to be a long commitment. Kimberly is not quite done with Vic yet, but the ordeal does clarify her thinking as regards her career. While Jane barrels ahead using Michael to get Richard back, Richard makes plans of his own. And Shelly continues messing with Jake from behind bars. Ahoy, mateys: it’s our podcast on “Hook, Line And Hayley”!