Hot And Bothered

Michael throws a party to celebrate his divorce from Jane, at which he ignores how much Kimberly doesn't want it to happen, and his former neighbors are still trying not to take sides (or, at least, not his).

The Mancinis are finalizing their divorce, and everyone is having a lot of feelings about it: Michael, furious about the alimony he has to pay, decides to try to punish Jane by getting all their friends in the divorce, throwing a party to celebrate the end of the marriage, and ignoring both Kimberly’s face and words in reaction to this vulgar idea. Jane isn’t thrilled about it, but at least she takes advantage of everyone else looking elsewhere to track down her cute attorney and have some revenge sex with him. Billy and Alison clash over the ethics of attending Michael’s party, and of course turn it into a referendum on their own relationship. At least that distracts them from trying to parent-trap Jo and Jake into a reunion — which was always a long shot given that Jake and Jo are being forced to work together on the Sagebrush Beer campaign and hating every second of it. Not hating it? Amanda, because it gives her time to gaze upon Jake and, sometimes, rip his shirt open. Matt and Dr. Katya are still pals at the hospital…briefly, until she tells him her internship is over and she’s out of extensions on her visa. Might Matt consider taking her last $1000 and marrying her so she can get her green card? We let you know what comes of this cold, hard cash and so much more in our podcast on “Hot And Bothered”!