Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love

Peter isn't grateful for Sydney's help in simplifying the question of where he and his new wife will live together.

Who’s having problems with their living situation? Who isn’t! Peter assumes that, now that they’re married, Amanda will move into his nice big house; he has no interest in even discussing the idea of moving into her pokey little apartment. But then some tough financial realities take the decision out of his hands. If anything were to convince Amanda to change her address, it would probably be Taylor constantly trying to ingratiate herself to Amanda — this time, by asking Amanda to take the Kyle’s restaurant account at D&D. Michael is disappointed to learn that Kimberly’s decision to surrender her medical license will not mean she’s more available to keep his home for him. And every time Matt leaves home, he seems to get into big, potentially life-threatening trouble. Billy reacts to the news of Alison and Jake’s relationship by kicking his own door down — which Samantha witnesses, and yet does not move her to find another apartment complex to live in. But Alison may need to find a new place soon, thanks to a fateful visit from Jane. Please enjoy our hot new episode on “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love”!