I Married A Jock Murderer

Eve decides it's her turn to save Amanda and Kyle, possibly too late.

Kyle’s reaction to Amanda kicking him out? Putting down his duffel bag and opening up his bag of pills. He’s not trying to hear advice from Peter or Ryan, so Eve takes her shot — then probably regrets it when Sharp Objects comes to town and Kyle orders her to perform as their new lead singer despite how uncomfortable she is about their lascivious looks. Perry is selling Michael so hard on the investment opportunity that Michael decides there’s actually no risk at all if he just secretly borrows $100,000 from Peter and Amanda’s children’s charity. You’ll never guess what happens next unless you’ve ever watched or read a single story about short cons. And when Megan ramps up her efforts to find lasting love for Lexi — secretively, as Lexi has demanded — Ryan starts to wonder whether her furtiveness is due to her having returned to her old job. We think we killed our podcast on “I Married A Jock Murderer”!