Imperfect Strangers

Jo's new favorite model Sarah reunites with her boyfriend from back home, who tries to settle their disagreements about her career with his fists.

Now that Models Inc. has been un-blackballed at D&D, Jo can work with her all the time! And Sarah really seems to want to befriend Jo, too — so much so that she makes up a reason to pop by Jo’s latest photo shoot just to introduce her boyfriend Hank, newly arrived from Sioux City to protect Sarah from the Gomorrah that is the L.A. fashion world. Jo picks up on a couple more hints that Sarah isn’t having a lot of fun with Hank in town before Sarah herself comes pounding on her door, very upset after a fight with him. Jo opens her home for Sarah to stay with her, but her guess that Hank is already on his way back to Iowa proves a little too optimistic. While Kimberly continues running hot and cold in her relationship with Michael, Sydney quickly moves on from trying to reassert her marital claim on him to setting up her escort business at her Melrose Place studio apartment, just in time for Lauren’s lawyer finally to spring her from jail! Lauren is ready to settle up, per their arrangement, but she remembers it differently than Sydney does, and now Sydney has a week to come up with the $5000 she suddenly owes her “partner.” With no one left to lend it to her and no chance to earn it back in Lauren’s stable, Sydney looks for another line of work where an attractive woman can make a lot of cash quickly (no typing test required). After Hillary hoodwinks Amanda into hiring Chas for the new junior account executive vacancy at D&D, Alison is annoyed to find out not only that Chas got the job through nepotism, and that he apparently has no intention of doing any of the tasks in his job description lest they interfere with glad-handing Bruce, but also that he gets paid more than Alison herself does for what is supposed to be the same job. Let a couple of imperfect commentators take you through a discussion of “Imperfect Strangers”!