In Bed With The Enemy

Amanda introduces a cash-strapped and desperate Jane to someone who could be a silent partner in her business: Michael!

Jane is pretty much screwed, financially — so much so that she tries going to Amanda for a loan. Amanda doesn’t even pretend to consider it, instead offering to introduce Jane to someone who might be willing to park his money in her company. Then she goes to Michael: if he puts his half of the inheritance into Jane’s company, they’ll both save on legal fees, he’ll probably make money when she’s a big success (snort), and while a court case would drive them apart, being in business will inevitably pull them closer together. Jane is horrified to be ambushed by the sight of Michael at lunch with her investor, but has to admit that Amanda’s scheme makes sense. Sydney, however, is jealous as hell that Michael’s once again entangled with Jane and her talent, so Lauren’s arrest for pandering comes along at just the right time: Sydney visits her in jail to arrange to take over her business while Lauren’s locked up, and prove to Michael that she has talents of her own. Alison first admits to Billy that she never wants to have children, and then confides that she’s been having nightmares so upsetting that she wants to seek psychiatric help. Billy is, unsurprisingly, dubious about it, so she goes behind his back and immediately starts experiencing transference with her therapist. Now that Jake has a job and can’t be Amanda’s on-call fix-it man anymore, he recommends that she hire one, and in a wildly out-of-character move, she hires some dude who’s an hour late for their interview and shows up without a résumé? Guess what? He’s a creep. Lay your head down on your pillow — preferably next to someone you like — and listen to our podcast on “In Bed With The Enemy”!