In-Laws And Outlaws

Sydney's so desperate for allies outside the mental hospital that Matt gets snarled up -- again -- in the Mancini maelstrom.

While doing her best, by day, to convince officials at the mental hospital that she isn’t insane and that her claims about Kimberly’s guilt in Michael’s attempted murder should be taken seriously, Sydney uses a brief moment of unattended time at night to call Matt and beg him to look into Kimberly. And he does! While Jane is at the beach house having Michael sign papers for Chris’s deal — and causing him to remember some of their good times, in the process, to Kimberly’s chagrin — Matt’s inside looking for evidence that something’s up with Kimberly, which he finds in the form of her backup wig in the bathroom. Will it be enough?! Alison gets back from Wisconsin to find out that…the dude she left at the altar is now working one cubicle away from her. Amanda’s forcing them to work together seems calculated to ensure that they will be reminded of what kept them from eloping in the first place. And as the contours of Brittany and Palmer’s scheme against Jake reveal themselves, Jo gets an unwelcome visit from two people she never expected to meet: Reed’s parents. Saddle up for our podcast on “In-Laws And Outlaws”!