Irreconcilable Similarities

Billy and Alison stop being roommates and start regretting it pretty much immediately.

While Billy settles into life with Amanda — which, since she’s doing his laundry and boning him all the time, is pretty easy — an unsettled Alison makes an impetuous decision: she WILL move to Seattle with Keith. Everyone in Alison’s life thinks this is a terrible idea, though everyone is too scared to say so to Alison’s face except Lucy, who fought to get Alison her promotion and doesn’t appreciate receiving Alison’s notice via answering machine message. As Alison tries to talk herself into her big move, Billy starts to notice that he and Amanda actually may not be that compatible after all. (Her impatience with finding his towels on the floor all the time and saying something about it may have something to do with it.) But will Billy’s epiphany coincide with one from Alison? Michael and Jane’s old college friend Sam (Rob Estes!) comes to town, but can only meet for dinner on a night when Michael’s on call. When Jane sees him alone, Sam kisses her, which she quickly ends. She decides not to tell Michael the rage fiend, but Sam doesn’t think to check with her before going to the hospital to apologize to Michael and touching off his latest temper tantrum. We discuss it all in our podcast on “Irreconcilable Similarities”!