It’s A Bad World After All

Mr. Andrews comes to town to help Sydney with her murder case...kind of, while Kimberly keeps Michael from learning any more about his past than he absolutely has to.

With a new detective working on Michael’s case, it would probably behoove Sydney to have legal representation other than a public defender, which is why it’s a good thing Mr. Andrews (Ken Howard!) has come to town to help the cause. It’s less good — for Sydney, anyway — that he doesn’t really believe her protestations of innocence and is urging her to work with the DA to get her charges reduced. Then he lands on a whole different plan to keep her out of jail that she might like even less. Kimberly seems to have convinced Chambers, the new detective, that she’s a completely credible doctor and Sydney is an unstable wacko who tried to use her for an alibi; she’s also feeding Michael confusing stories about his past and letting Matt know she would prefer it if he didn’t try to stop by and see Michael when she’s not there. Alison apparently did convince Meredith — in another one of those fraught emotional conversations that inconveniently happened offscreen — to join her in pursuing legal action, which both are doing in Wisconsin despite Meredith’s extreme nerves and Mrs. Parker’s attempts to interfere. Back in Los Angeles, Amanda convinces Billy to help her with a pitch to get Escapade — still, somehow, his employer — to hire D&D as its new ad agency. Does Billy understand the unethical breaches Amanda has led him to commit? Unclear! Brittany is still on Jake’s boat, and still horny as hell. But there actually is a reason for both those things. There’s so much that we share that it’s time you’re aware we have a new podcast all about “It’s A Bad World After All”!