Just Say No

The business intrigue at D&D arrives at its grisly conclusion.

Having canned Amanda for her leaking at the end of the last episode, Bruce is pretty sure he’s righted D&D’s ship and is ready to set sail with a bigger role for Alison (which…is maybe proof of the bad judgment that got him here). Then he finds out that a consortium of doctors has bought up so much stock that he’s no longer majority shareholder. He’s all set to prove to the new overlords that he’s still fit to run the agency until he finds out the consortium is actually Peter, and that his replacement is Amanda. He does not take this news well! When Amanda takes over, she immediately promotes Billy and orders him to fire Alison — who, by the way, is now drinking so much that she doesn’t even remember all the abuse she’s heaping on Billy and Susan. He seeks advice from Matt on how to proceed. Cue the intervention! Chris drives Sydney to Las Vegas, but instead of strong-arming her (or worse), he sets about seducing her, trying to impress her with lush accommodations and expensive clothes and jewellery. Everything’s going great while he’s winning at the tables! Then he stops winning and Sydney decides she’d better call home for help. The trouble is that once Jake, Jane, and Michael arrive, no one really believes Sydney is a kidnap victim — not even Jake. Jo returns to the beach house on several occasions to try to take back her infant son, but her inchoate frenzy is really no match for Kimberly’s careful planning. Just Say Yes to our podcast on “Just Say No”!