Kimberly Does L.A.

Kimberly takes advantage of her new bodily autonomy to rub up against a lot of different dudes.

Between her great new radio gig and the removal of her wrist monitor, Kimberly is really feeling herself. And it turns out she’d like men to feel her too — as many as she can get! She’s so busy scoring that she maaaaaay not devote enough concern to Vic, who keeps calling the show to tell her how bad he thinks her advice is. However, she DOES take a break from her sexcapades to warn Sydney that receiving a gift of flowers from Michael means that he’s cheating on her. He’s not, exactly — he’s just lying and sneaking around with Jane, who’s just using him to make Richard jealous. At least, that’s the state of play…for now. Jake has been stewing over Matt’s suspicions about Shelly’s shadiness regarding the books, but when he confronts her, she shrugs off his worries and volunteers the password she thought she already gave him, no big deal! But Matt’s not willing to drop the matter. While Bobby commences his project of following Amanda around Los Angeles looking for a chance to murder her, Amanda tries to stay away from Peter, but ultimately fails. And Alison moves the last of her stuff out of her apartment and into the manor just in time for Hayley to announce that he’s got buyers on the hook, suddenly and despite not having said anything to Alison about it until they’ve toured the place. Seems weird but maybe this is just how rich people are??? We’ve done a podcast on “Kimberly Does L.A.,” and we hope you’ll listen!