Last Train To Baghdad

Michael, having lost his medical partnership, finds a new source of drama.

The time has come for a midseason two-parter, and new characters are popping off. Having mooched some extra ER shifts from Peter, Michael meets a shady gentleman (how shady? His name is Spider), who encourages Michael to revive the shuttered medical clinic in his neighborhood. Much as we were expected to believe that Michael doesn’t know how strip clubs work, we’re also expected to believe he doesn’t understand the quid pro quo implied. Meanwhile, with Mrs. Mancini still in town, Jennifer has to keep asking Billy to pose as Craig — and since Sam is still head over heels for Jeff, she has no problem giving Billy permission to do it and leave her alone, basically. And after Lexi’s father Thomas suffers a health emergency in the middle of a conversation with Peter, Michael’s ex-wife, Megan, stumbles secret knowledge about it that she wishes she never had. Mancinis: drama magnets! When Kyle and Christine have an awkward reunion that immediately resurrects Angry Kyle, Christine enlists Amanda to help her smooth things over. She does, in the hopes of giving the former couple a pleasant, healthy, and final goodbye, which unfortunately is not the result. All aboard: we’ve brought you a podcast on “Last Train To Baghdad”!