Leap Of Faith

Jane's pregnancy is an unwelcome surprise -- even more so when one of her neighbors fails to keep it a secret.

Remember that super-hot chili dog seduction (https://www.againwiththis90210.com/mp103) Michael pulled off a couple of episodes ago? Well, it turns out that hot dog really made Jane lose control, because now she’s accidentally pregnant. Attempts to warm Michael up on the idea of parenthood this early in his hospital internship fail, as he convinces her that they owe it to themselves to spend a few years fulfilling their own professional aspirations before adding a child to the mix, and she decides to find out what’s involved in getting an abortion without ever telling him she was pregnant at all. In the process, she makes the mistake of telling Rhonda, who can’t help opening her big mouth to Michael. Billy has, improbably, landed a column at a free weekly magazine (at $25 a pop: still seems high). Realizing he doesn’t actually have any interesting life experiences to fill inches with, he decides to try bungee-jumping, forcing his subconscious to remind him, in a dream, that he’s desperately afraid of heights. We take you through in our podcast on “Leap Of Faith”!


  • 📅 Published May 27, 2019