Let The Games Begin

While Peter urges Kimberly to keep working through her trauma surrounding Henry, Sydney and Michael kick off their plan to drive her mad again.

Psychological torture is the order of the day: Brooke harasses Amanda by taking on Jack’s new cable company as her latest client, and Jack lets Amanda know that if she tries to take too hard a line against him, he will retaliate by coming after her friends. Meanwhile, Peter tries to walk Kimberly through a therapeutic process that involves apologizing directly to all her bombing victims — at a party celebrating the fact that she didn’t succeed in killing them, no less — and returning to the laundry room where she planted her explosives. Maybe this would work if it didn’t coincide with Michael and Sydney’s new project: deploying an actor who kind of looks like Henry to show up and talk to Kimberly the way the “real” Henry used to do. The Hart & Mancini crew, and Jake and Shelly, are now fully snarled up together in a romantic rat king: Jane has written off Jo for snitching on her to Richard while also trying to talk Richard into taking her back; and when Jo misses a loosely defined date with Jake because she’s shooting Richard, Shelly seizes the opportunity to get too drunk to drive herself back to her new apartment, and toplessly hit on Jake when he takes her home. Matt’s check-in with his parents about his latest legal issue leads to a new understanding between Matt and his dad…and just in the nick of time. And as Alison and Hayley continue spending time together, Brooke continues interfering. Put on your pads and cup for our podcast on “Let The Games Begin”!