Lethal Wedding 4

Will our second wedding in as many episodes go more smoothly than the first?

The sex-driven roof collapse of the previous episode has thrown everyone into chaos. Jane is going ahead with divorce proceedings immediately! Ryan is done with Lexi for good! Megan is also done with Lexi as a friend and a boss! Michael…is starting therapy, which is honestly probably a good idea and long overdue! Peter is suddenly bereaved, as he finds out his estranged father has died, apparently alone, and after the day it takes to settle his estate and not attend the funeral, Peter is re-evaluating his life. Specifically, he doesn’t want to end up as lonely as his old man, so will Eve marry him? She will! And she’ll have it in Oakhurst, which is alarming to Amanda for reasons we don’t know! Kyle decides he’s done hating Peter just in time to get very suspicious about his new fiancรฉe, and try to save him from marrying an unworthy partner. We tell you whether wedding bells will successfully ring this time in our podcast on “Lethal Wedding 4”!