Lexi Gets Stiffed

Blonds find their way back to each other. There's some other stuff too but WHATEVER.

Now that everyone’s back from the cruise, it’s time for a reckoning. Peter tells Eve he wants a divorce because of the way she maneuvered him off the ship for days so that she could bone Tony, but she yells that actually Amanda did that. So Peter confronts Amanda about that, not knowing she’s coming straight from seeing the film Lexi ruined and is truly in no mood. Tony refuses to shell out for a reshoot, so Amanda assesses her life and next steps and ends up, where else, at the hospital to tell Peter that while she did scheme to keep him from getting on the launch off the island, sleeping with him wasn’t part of her plan. Peter decides to end his marriage, Amanda decides to close her agency, and if Eve and Kyle aren’t happy about having all their suspicions confirmed, that’s their problem — or it is until Eve seems determined to make it everyone’s problem. The shuttering of Amanda’s agency also clears a path for Lexi to go after Tony’s business herself, and by “Tony’s business,” we mean…well, you know what we mean. Also: Terry is still in town, making moves on Ryan that are obvious to everyone but him. You might need a stiff drink for our podcast on “Lexi Gets Stiffed”!