Living With Disaster

Detective Wylie AND Amanda start unraveling the mystery of who "Dr. Peter Burns" actually is.

Amanda doesn’t want to believe that her brand-new husband Peter has been living under an assumed identity literally the whole time she’s known him, but she also can’t help finding Det. Wylie pretty credible. So she gets him to spill what he knows and follows the trail to Kansas City, to find out what went on there before he came into her life. Michael continues his vigil at Kimberly’s bedside (Matt and his new ultra-quick speech patterns — his speedy speech, you might say! — aren’t much help.) Everyone sure does hope Kimberly will wake up soon and confirm Peter’s alibi, because the news of Peter’s arrest is spreading far and wide — why, it’s even front-page news in Boston, where a Taylor McBride (Lisa Rinna!) gasps at the report and ditches her husband Kyle (Rob Estes!) to follow up. Jane and Sydney are trying very hard to plant a plausible cover story about Richard’s disappearance and get back to their lives. But strange occurrences, from muddy footprints in Richard’s hallway to a shove left outside Jane’s door, leave them rattled (and are probably also unsettling to Samantha, who’s moved in just in time to see her boss acting very squirrelly). Jane also has to try to get rid of Billy and his yammering about his great love affair with Alison; sadly, he remains oblivious to the chemistry surging between Jake and Alison, and the fact that she stood him up on his fancy violin restaurant date because she was too busy boning Jake. “Wait, you left someone out. Where’s Jo?” Sorry, you’re going to have to wait until literally more than 3/4 of the way through the episode to find out. You will not be able to live with yourself if you miss our podcast on “Living With Disaster”!